ARK Skincare Review

ARK Skincare Review

Hey all.

If you haven’t noticed I have been heavy into skin care this year, and as time goes I am lucky enough to be able to try out new products from new (to me) brands.

The latest on the list is ARK Skincare.

ARK Skincare is a British skincare brand, which treats skin by age and skin concern using active natural ingredients. The result is a highly effective, personalised skin treatment regime for every individual.”

I was allotted the opportunity, via ARK Skincare & BrandBacker, to try out two of their products, and since I’m a twenty-something, I went with my appropriate age range of products.

ARK Skincare sent me their Pro Remove Pre Cleanse daily cleanser as well as their Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer.

The Pro Remove Pro Cleanse is part of the SkinEssentials range. It is formulated for all ages, and works well on any age skin. As well as compliments your age specific formula.

The Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer is formulated for teens and 20’s, and is aimed at preparing skin for the aging process by maximizing the quality of the skin and protecting against daily pollutants.

ARK Skincare Review

ARK Pro Remove Pre Cleanse

“This innovative product is the first step in our powerful cleansing routine. The multi-fruit lipid blend dissolves every last trace of daily grime, excess sebum and make-up – even waterproof mascara – while nourishing and soothing skin with a blend of natural ingredients.
Grape seed, Avocado and Kiwi Oil deeply nourish skin and protect against dryness. Margosa Leaf Extract is a herbal anti-acne ingredient. Zi Cao is an Ayurvedic herb, which soothes sensitive skin.”

“How to use:

Apply onto dry skin before cleansing with dry hands. Massage in gently all over face before adding water to form a thin liquid emulsion. Continue massaging then rinse off with warm water. Follow with your Age Aware Cleanser.”

ARK Skincare Review

ARK Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer

“The best moisturizer for your teens and 20s. Our vitality moisturizer offers the perfect balance of hydration for younger skin. Rich in antioxidants and an active anti-pollution system, it provides daily protection from the urban environment. Leaves your skin, clear, radiant and vibrant.
Avocado and Peach Lipids are rich in Vitamins A,C,D and E as well as Omega 9 fatty acids which keep skin hydrated and soft. Olive Oil penetrates deep down into skin to effectively hydrate skin cells. Panthenol is a form of Vitamin B which soothes irritated skin.”

“How to use:

Use morning and evening. Apply a thin layer to face and neck. Use as part of your skincare regime with ARK Hydrating Toner and Skin Clear Cleanser.”


My review:

Just to be completely transparent, and I don’t know if I’ve told y’all this before, but when I’m trying new products, I Try to get as much face time with them as I can. I try to get a full three weeks in with any product before I give my review. This time around I had a set back because my skin decided to break out.
I know for a fact it wasn’t these new products. It was allergy related, but for that reason I only got two-ish weeks consistently using them.

I decided to stop using the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse, because it’s very similar to a cleansing oil, and I didn’t want to add anything to my skin that might cause any more issues. I did keep using the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer, and it worked beautifully.

Now, the Pro Remove Pre Cleanse was definitely an experience. It is an oil type of cleanse that you kind or pre scrub your face with, before you actually wash your face. Whenever I used it I notice, afterwards my skin is smoother, kind of like i had used a scrub. It is a very nice feeling. Especially knowing that the product I’m using has no harmful chemicals in it.

As for the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturizer, like I said, I did continue using it while my skin was breaking out, and it’s a great moisturizer. This moisturizer is thick and a little goes a long way. It absorbs very well, it doesn’t feel like its just sitting on top of my skin, and I notice my skin looks happier.
Using this system has brought out a glow in my skin that was a bit muted. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my skin, and even after this break out I’m noticing my skin getting back to normal a bit quicker.

I really enjoyed trying this product it’s considerably different than any thing I’ve used before. From the oil pre cleanse to the day/night cream duo.

ARK is a great company with a lovely message:

“Protect. Defy. Defend. Unlock your best skin yet.”

I suggest if you have any age related skin concerns, and even if you don’t, it couldn’t hurt to check them out. ARK provides age targeted ranges for Teens & 20’s, 30′ & 40’s, as well as 50’s & Onwards, so there is a specified range for every skin age.

ARK’s lines don’t just cover skin care, they also cover body care as well as a range of home fragrances.

If you do decide to try anything out from ARK, let me know what you decided on and how it worked for you below.

Till the next one,