Black Friday Haul

Black Friday Haul

So Friends.

When I left my house on Thursday evening, after dinner, and a movie, and time spent with my family, I didn’t plan on purchasing so many things.

BUT, I’m a sucker for a sale and a good deal in particular.

Now, there were a few things I left in the store for other people to purchase, I though it was only fair.

So to start off, I’ll start at the beginning.

The first palace I stopped was at Best Buy.

I only picked up three things.

A MisFit, a Dynex portable battery charger, and wall plug (you can never have enough wall plugs).

Next I went to Ulta and grabbed a few of their Value Sets.

I picked up the Secrets to Gorgeous Skin Collection, the Tarte Glowing For Daze Skincare Set, the Mario Badescu skin care quad trial pack, a Leaders Sheet Mask, a Pathology Sheet Mask, and a few Mario Badescu samplers.

After I left Ulta I hit Old Navy, and the entire store was half off, so of course I bought socks!!

If you didn’t know I’m addicted to socks!!

Like I wear them so much its ridiculous.

Like I’m sure I have WAY more socks then normal well adjusted “ADULT” people.

So, yeah, I did that.

I picked up some socks and some workout tanks to inspire me to get back into the gym.

Then I went to Forever 21.

But the one that I went to sucked, so I didn’t get anything.

But the next day (on actual Black Friday) I went with my cousin to the Wellington Green Mall and cleaned house.

Well not really, but I went summertime crazy.

But we will come back to this one.

After I left the first Forever 21, I went to one of my guilty pleasures, and favorite places ever, Francesca Collection.


I picked up a shiny new water bottle and a candle.


So Back to Forever 21

Now before I say this, make Note, I live in South Florida, and on Christmas day it will probably be like 80/90 degrees.

So I’m validated in my purchases.

I went swimsuit crazy.

Forever 21’s sale was simple, but glorious.

50% off clearance.

Swimsuits are off-season, even in Florida.

But I had to do it.

For the price they were totally worth it, and they are great quality swimwear.

Aside from these few things I picked up, I also decided to try two new subscription boxes.

They were discounted as well.

So once I get them and try them I’ll share them with you guys and gals and give y’all my honest opinion.

The last thing I’m going to share with you guys today is that Par Avion, the Tea company, reached out to me, in a Sip’bassador capacity, and offered to send me a complimentary tea to try and introduce to you, my friends and family. I don’t want to go into too much about that right now, because I do want to go more in detail for you guys in another post, but I did want to share that with you, since it was initiated over the holiday weekend.

If you do decide you want to Look into Par Avion now, and choose to purchase something, anything. If you use the code SIP965, you can get “$5 off a purchase of $10.99+ OR $5 off the first month of the monthly tea club”.

At any rate, I know you were probably out with me catching some good deals for Black Friday.
Let me know below where did you go shopping? Did you find anything Great?

Till next time,