My Pet Project | Creating A Closet

Hey All!!

So I’m coming to you all today with my current pet project.

This one is very personal to me, and this is something that I have aways taken great pride in.

I am so lucky to have excess storage space at my house, and I have been granted free reign to use it in anyway I see fit.

So my lovelies I am creating my DREAM closet.

I hate with a passion the one that I have so I’m going to create a new one, and on a grander scale.

The closet my clothing currently occupies is Not okay.

Most of my clothing is hidden behind a wall, my shoes alone occupy more of my room than I am ok with, I haven’t closed my closet door since we moved in (five months ago), my scarfs and bags dont fit in it, and of the clothing I do wear they’ve been washed but I dont have the energy (or fight in me) to put them back.

So to ease my burning fury I am making GREAT use of the space I do have, and I am creating a one that will keep me well clothed and organized, With more than enough room to grow into.

I am Creating A Closet!!

I am excited to share this journey with you guys.
I’m not expecting it to be easy, but I’m sure it’ll be fun doing.

This space is going to double as a kickback space and what could also be known also as my zen room.

I will regularly be coming to you guys with ideas and pictures, if you feel so inclined to comment or want to try and influence your hand, then I’m more than willing to take into consideration your ideas.

I do want to take a minute and let you guys know that this is not the only avenue im wanting to be exploring on this blog, this is just the first avenue I’ve decided to explore. I am definitely going to be doing DIY’s because, what is any space worth if it has no personalization to it (SN I find great joy in creating).

At any rate, if you have any suggestions, comments or questions let me know below!!

Here are a couple pics of the space I’m going to be updating and re vamping