Currently Burning

Currently Burning

Hey my loves, long time no talk.

Well I do have a little bit of love for your nose. I wanted to share with you guys what and how I am currently burning.

If you don’t know I am a whore for “smell good”. I just cannot with stinky, stale, or just gnarly smelling things or places, and I surely won’t when it comes to my room or my house. I am full on offended when I walk into my house and it smells like funk. I CANNOT!!

At any rate, I have been wanting to jump into this whole new trend of electric scent warmers. So I picked one up at Target and I grabbed a few scent melts to go with it.

The scents I picked up are Applewood, Eucalyptus, Passion Fruit, And a trio of Teakwood, Lakeside Walk, and Midnight Forest; all by Chesapeake Bay. I also picked up a 12 pack of the Endless Color wax melts by Glade in the scent Jubilant.

If you were wondering what I have currently been ACTUALLY burning, I have a few scents on rotation, I have the Passion Fruit wax melt on my electric burner and Mint Mocha Bark and Dance ’til Dawn from Bath & Body Works on podiums ready for burning.

Fall is here and although I know I will be switching to more fall/winter dedicated scents soon, I’m loving this fall inspired fruity passionate Passion Fruit.

Since I live in Florida and it’s not quite Fall yet for us, it’s perfect. I may or may not go to Bath & Body Works and pick up a few more candles, if I deem it necessary. But I don’t really need any, I have so many candles its ridiculous.

At any rate, what are you guys smelling? What are your signature fall scents?

Let me know below.