The Search Is Over, I’ve Found My Colors!!

The Search Is Over, I’ve Found My Colors!!

My Dears! My Loves!

I have found my color.

No Silly’s, I’m not blushing, I found my paint color.

I decided a while ago that I wanted gray as my wall color and white ((Snow/Stark)) white as my accent. But I found my gray, and it’s deep, and thoughtful, and peaceful, and distracting, an intriguing, an all around perfect ((for me)) color.

In the last year I’ve noticed the beauty and depth and complexity in and of the color Gray. I looked through what feels like a thousand Gray paint swatches, and I found one that just sits right with me.

Peep my Perfect Gray y’all.


Now, my loves, I thought I wanted to pair white with my grey, I started looking but I just wasn’t feeling the white so much. But among the whites I found this blue toned white gray.


I low key died a little bit over it!

I’m in Love!!

So I had to go with it!

Now it does look a bit more blue on here, but it is definitely more white-ish on the wall, under certain lights.

That makes no sense what so ever but I love it.

Sometimes its white, sometimes its light blue.

Either way it looks awesome on my wall!!


Also my friends, I live in a land that must maintain the rule of 3, so I needed another color to pull it all together; and although most people would think it inconsequential, I believe that the ceiling needed to be painted as well.

So I chose this color. Its a kind of purple grey.

Sounds crazy huh? its GOOORGEOUS.

I Love it.

Its not too abrasive to go with the other two colors, but it pulls the look together very well. It off sets the Seal Gray.

Its nice an bright and brightens up the room, from the top.



Ok, so, my lovie lovies, all of these swatches are Glidden swatches, that i pulled from Walmart. I purchased my paints at Lowes and they custom color matched the swatches that i brought in from Walmart.

I purchased the Seal Gray and Icy Waterfall with a satin finish and the Time for White with a matte Finish, which is standard for ceilings. The walls don’t have an overly dramatic sheen but they do have a soft, velour kind of look to them.

They look like they would feel soft.

Its awesome.

Anywho, you guy tell me what you think.

Do you like the colors?

If you were ((or are)) thinking about updating, what colors would you chose?

Let me know below loves!!