Cheers To My Next Year!

Cheers To My Next Year!

The day I turned 25 I promised myself I would never get any older.

I lied.

Of course I could lie and say I am still 25, but if I am only ever one age, how can I grow?

Metaphorically of course. I think birthdays are milestones for so many reasons.

Every year is another 365 days worth of lessons to learn. It’s new opportunities to try. It’s new adventures to seek.

A few weeks ago in mental preparation for my birthday my mom asked me what I want for my birthday. Last night taking my shower I realized what I wanted, and it’s a simple one.

For my birthday this year I only want what I’ve wanted every other day of every year since, well forever.

I want nothing more than to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I just want to be happy and fulfilled.

So far so good.

I am mentally, emotionally , and physically healthy.

I am wealthy in quality family and friends (and cats).

And I am wise enough to steer towards good decisions, bypassing the not so good ones.

I lead a good existence with people who see and appreciate me for who I am.

Who would have thought four years ago on my 25th birthday that I would be so much wiser now?!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Cheers to my 29th chance at this thing called life.


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