Hello World!!


I’m Krysta and Welcome to my little piece of the web.

Im THATGirl, and I hope to interest, influence, and encourage anyone who comes across this page, in one way or another.

I chose this name after thinking long and hard about the “legacy” I want my words, and thoughts, and ideas, to leave, even long after you’ve left this page, and gone on with your day.

There is so much meaning behind this name for me.
It’s a term I have been using for many years now.

THATGirl is translated with the emphasis on the THAT.
For instance:: THAT Girl with the crazy shoes on!!
THAT Girl she is so bright and radiant
THAT Girl is so smart!
THAT Girl? Oh no she a hoe, lol but you get the gist.

EVERY Girl is THATGirl! EVERY Boy is THATGuy!

Everyone is Someone and EVERY voice should be heard.

This is how I chose to express myself, and I hope you enjoy what I have to bring to the table.

Comments and Questions are welcomed at all times.

THATGirl–> Krysta