Mini Bath & Body Works Haul

Mini Bath & Body Works Haul

Hey friends!!

So I tried not to do it but Bath & Body Works was calling my name!!

The call was loud and I could not resist!

So now I have a mini haul for y’all!!

I went last week to pick up only one item (a travel size lotion) and I left with two three-wick candles, a mason jar candle, three hand sanitizers, a travel size lotion, and a tube of body cream, in a very festive holiday scent!

Now usually I wouldn’t “feel some kind of way” about it, but I was honestly trying to behave, see how far that got! Lol!

But for realizies, I’m not mad. Of the three candles I picked up I have been killing two of them, so hard!!

I am so loving these fall scented candles.

In my Currently Buring post, a few weeks back, I was stuck on a Sumertime scent (Jubliant), and I wasn’t sure I was wanting or going to change anytime soon. But I COMPLETELY fell in love with Sparkeling Pear Riesling on first sniff! I’m so in love with this candle.   Now as for Pumpkin Apple, it had to wear on me a little bit. I picked it up in the store and wasn’t completely sold right away. There was something mysterious about it that made me want to “explore” it a little bit more. Nonetheless, I brought it home and in less than a week it is nearly half burnt out.

Then there’s Cranberry Pumpkin, you see the pumpkin trend. I haven’t burned it yet, but it’s coming. I just felt as thought there are holidays coming and I can’t burn out all the new scents before them. I’m saving this spectacularly scented candle for Thanksgiving Day. A new scent for the holiday.

There were a few more candles that I wanted to pick up, but I had to restrain myself. I had already picked up too much! But I do know this much, there is at least one candle at Bath & Body Works with my name on it waiting for me to come pick it up!

Christmas is just around the corner, and Ima need a good Christmas scent??