Petite Photo Diary

Petite Photo Diary

Hiya All,

I spend way too much time on social media.

I figured I’d share with you guys a Petite Photo Diary.

Today I was on Tumblr, and if you follow me on there you may just see some of these soon. At any rate, I re-up every two weeks or so when I’m in need of motivation or I’m looking to try something new or innovative or just need a bit of happy. I tend to fight with myself in regards to style, because as much as the ‘Lady’ in me loves the minimalist trend that is so heavy right now, the ‘Hectic Crazy’ person in me loves color and activity in pictures and life.

I was on tonight because I had some extra time, and as I was swiping through I came across several pictures that just made me HAPPY.

I decided I would share them with you.