Some Shopping Tips & Tricks Money Savers

Hey guys and gals,

I am working from home at the moment.

I was looking through my Shopular app, looking through today’s newest ads, and I though I would come to you guys with a few tips on how I keep my shopping bills low and some of my favorite shopping habits.

Now I do shop a lot and I more than often get side tracked, but I only go shopping with one of two things in mind::

  2. A LIST

It’s hard for me to see pretty things and not wander over to them.

But I’m working on it.

My friends don’t understand how I can shop so much and pay next to nothing or not constantly be broke.

Well, I do have some easy tips for this, I use them regularly, and I find that they do work.

  1. Shopping Apps
    I check a few apps religiously before I leave my house for any shopping trip. Shopular is my favorite . If you don’t know what it is, it is an app that contains sales circulars and special promotions for hundreds of store. It is beyond unbelievable . It services most of the stores I shop regularly and it makes the shopping process and list making a lot easier. It doesn’t cover all the stores I shop, mainly grocery store like Aldi and Trader Joes, but it is so useful! When it comes to box box stores like Target, Walmart, H&M, Kohls, and so many many more, it is so on point. If you don’t already have it you should check it out, its worth so much more than its FREE price tag!

  2. Coupons
    Okay so it may seem a bit archaic, but coupons are AMAZBALLS!!
    Coupons are EVERYWHERE!! I’m talking newspapers, magazines, online. You can find them everywhere. The best part is, now, you can get them sent straight to your phone. So convenient. I love Cartwheel but then again I am addicted to Target. On days I work from home I will collect the coupons sent to my house that week and go through them ALL!! It does take a but a little bit of time, and since im not doing much anyways, I talk and I clip. I have even clipped for friends. it doesn’t take much and fun fact –> some of the coupons are good for weeks or months out so even if you don’t use it in your next shopping trip you still have it on hand for later; and it’s Always better to be over prepared with them, than under prepared without them.

  3. Sales
    So, Loves, sales are hit or miss, you could be walking into a GREAT one or a not so great one. its all relative. But in conjunction with coupons or promotions they can be AMAZING!! I will tell you, from working retail, and many of you already know this, the BEST sales are semi-annual, annual, or friends & family type situations. Like for instance if you like shopping at Macy’s and coming up on time for a new watch, friends & family is the ONLY time you can get a discount, on a watch, at Macy’s. That’s 25% off of a $300 watch, THAT’S WORTH IT!! The only problem is that these types of sales are few and far between so you gotta keep an eye out for the notice ((Shopular anyone?!))

  4. Off Season
    Alright now this is self explanatory . Off Season. I define it as shopping in advance or after the fact. For example, I live in Florida. We have two seasons, Hot and HOTTER!! So for the three days we get temperatures below 80 degrees, I have a plethora of sweaters and boots, but only because I bought them off season. I have no feelings about buying boots and sweaters in the spring and summer, and shorts and leggings in the fall and autumn . As well as I shouldn’t, my money my choices. All I’m saying is that if you buy off season you save so much money and you have great trends that’ll be back and in season next year!! Double whammy!! lol

  5. Email Subscription
    This is nothing new, everyone gets these. Maybe you signed in store for an extra discount ((Guilty)) or you signed up online ((hey, I like discounts)). Either way you get those annoying emails that clutter you inbox. BEFORE You delete them, read the title, it might just tell you something you didn’t know, about some promotion that is currently going on.

Remember, if you remember nothing else, you should not be sad when you’re leaving the store, you should be confident in your purchases, and you shouldn’t leave broke.

When you find great things I would love to hear you stories below!