Hey Guys.

Yesterday was the 4th of July ((Happy Belated Independence Day)) and I had a somewhat traumatic experience. I dropped my phone and full on shattered the screen.


Now I’m sure for so many people that would have ruined the day and for .5 seconds I was devastated, but after checking my front facing camera to make sure I could still take pictures, I was good.

Sometimes I shock myself with the level of adultness I have in me, and I didn’t notice until today when I was in the Apple store replacing my phone that I really had it in me.

I am a very fortunate girl, and I always have been. No, I’m not bragging but as far as I can remember I have never gone without. I am Blessed beyond measure, and at one point in time if something like this, something so trivial, had happened it would have ruined my entire day.

Not mattering if I was going somewhere or doing something that was extraordinarily fun I would have lost all interest and dwelled on that misfortune.

I was chatting with the Apple Genius while he was handling my situation and I shocked my self with a ‘Mom’ism… A MY ‘Mom’ism.


Now this lady doesn’t think the things she tells me takes but this one did, and in those moments that I have been traumatized by trivial whatevers that ruined minutes, hours, days, she would say “Their just things!”

It just didn’t make sense to me in the moment, because this is my “thing” and its broken and I’m broken over it.

I huff and puff and storm off.

only to wake the next morning and have all together forgotten about the situation or head in the direction of “fix it.” In the end it always ended up working out and in my everyday life I try to live on a system of “closed window = open door”.

You know “When One Door Closes God Opens A Window,” and that’s always been a growing point for me.

Now whats funny about this WHOLE situation is that after my screen shattered, I went to a friends 4th party and whenever I showed someone my screen the general consensus was pure devastation, and out my mouth many times came, “It’s just a thing, I’ll have It fixed tomorrow.”

I don’t give myself enough credit on adultness because I didn’t even think about it that way. I was just trying to have a good holiday with a bunch of New friends, and yesterday that’s all that mattered to me. Having a good day with Good people!!


I don’t actually know ((or remember)) where I wanted this to end, but I will leave you with this little nugget of wisdom; If you can touch it, feel it, see it, smell it it’s probably a thing, something that although may cause you some or several emotions, it’s not life.

Value the relationships you have, the people you meet, and enjoy each moment.

Things can and will be replaced, and in 10 years you won’t remember breaking your phone screen on the 4th of July 2015 but you will remember the people you spent the day with, and the relationships that were created and the laughs you had together.

Value whats real, what can’t be fixed the next day.