To My Best Friend on His Wedding Day

To My Best Friend on His Wedding Day

To my Best Friend on His Wedding Day.

You looked very handsome today, and your Wife, beyond beautiful!

It’s been a long time coming.

From the time you told me about Her and how much “I would love Her’, and me doubting that. To me actually meeting Her and threatening your life if you ever hurt Her.

The two of you are so perfect for each other. You balance each other so well. You both meet each other’s hustle, goals, and love.

Tragically it took you bringing home “garbage” to find this diamond! Sadly, at one point in time I had no hope for the hopeless romantic inside you. Lol!

I knew she was special before I even met Her. When She decided that you deserved a surprise birthday party; to me, that showed She cared. That’s special, how could someone who’s not met any of your friends get the majority of them to show up to surprise you.

What a special woman!!

That’s when I knew you had met someone who appreciated you.

From the way you love the boys. To the love that you have for your daughter. To the family you two have blended together of each of your friends and family. The two of you have developed an entire nation around you, that wants nothing but the best for you two and your family.

As your Sister so eloquently said, I am so proud of the man you have grown into.

So, to my Best Friend and His Amazing Wife on your Wedding Day, I pray nothing but blessing and love for you two, and your beautiful family, on this your wedding day, and for the rest of your lives.