Tips For Working Through Tough Situations

Tips For Working Through Tough Situations

Hey guys!

I have been all “in my feelings” this week. Something, well someone, from my past showed up in my present, and is currently making an appearance. Now I’m not sure how long this tough situation is gonna last, but for me this has been a very up and down week.

So I just wanted to share a few helpful ways that I’m coping on the outside, when I really feel like exploding on the inside:

Breath. One of my good friends reminded me to stop and breath. It’s really easy to over think things in the moment. Take a step back and realize that your situation may not be as serious as you’re making out to be. Take a few deep breathes, maybe a nap, go to the gym, and when you get your head clear, take a thorough look at the situation and analyze it, with a clear head.

Keep it normal. Don’t allow this hectic situation to derail you from what you already had planned. Although one thing has changed your whole world isn’t going to flip wrong side up over night. Understand you have a situation to handle, but you are bigger than your delay and you can handle anything.

Let go & Let God. Realize that you can handle anything, have faith and believe that this too shall pass.

Act concisely. Don’t allow a temporary situation to encourage you to loose your self, your character, or your good judgement. Use your good judgement to assess the situation before you say or do anything you may later regret.

Speak calmly. When you finally decide what you’re going to do, before you say anything or go anywhere, take one more deep breath, think about it one more time, and if you deem in absolutely necessary, then, and only then, say it, do it, mean it. If you absolutely must make the statement or act that action, do it, but remember you probably wont be able to take it back. The words have been said, the action has been done, and you can only have faith that you made the right decision for you.


Remember you can defuse any situation if you take your time and attack it with tact.

Have you guys had any unordinary situations creep up on you lately? How did you handle it tactfully?

Let me know down below