What’s In A Meet Cute

What’s In A Meet Cute

Is it crazy that in this day I still want an interesting meet cute?

If you don’t know what a meet cute is Wikipedia defines it as such:

A meet cute is a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing.

I have never been the girl to actively look for love, it was always about fun, and I’m vain, so looks too. But as the online “dating” craze continues, I’m compelled to wonder, is the story I tell my future kids about how I met their father going to start with “one day I was online, browsing a dating website…”? Is that Who I have become?

I was thinking back to a time, what seems a million years ago now, that I was so young, and so fresh that in all of an hour I saw a guy, fought myself into meeting him(in my head), and finally decide that I would not go home that night without his number; and as persistence goes, I got it.

I feel at times that I’m compromising and willing to deal with whatever to get to the finish line. I feel like although I know WHO I want my end goal to be, 1. He’s not on the same page or 2. He only exists in my head.

A long time ago I fell in love with the idea of “Happily Ever After” with the “Right Guy” who opens door and pulls out chair and is a gentleman through and through, just to be confused when that’s not what available or not to be found.

I don’t hold high hopes and I don’t ask for perfection, but when I see it I want it, and I don’t feel like I need to explain my reasoning. I’m a catch and I can’t even lie about it!

I don’t think I’m illogical, and I know one day it will happen for me. But is it too much to ask for an interesting backstory? Or is internet courting really the only deal?

At any rate, I just felt compelled to share whats on my mind.

Have you had any of these complicated feelings? And how do you feel on the topic?

Let me know below!