10 Things That Gave Me LIFE This Week

gave me life

Hey guys and gals!

What a week this has been!

It was actually a really great week. Any week that starts with a holiday is amaz-balls. This week I decided to dedicate my self to a few new habits so it felt a bit hectic, but completely worth it. I have this horrible habit of waking up, rolling over, and immediately hitting Instagram and Facebook, so you may have already seen some of these. Theses are pictures of things that gave me complete LIIIIIIFE when I had none.

They woke up with me. Went to sleep with me. Kept me occupied when I was supposed to be working at work, and one picture even made me drool a little bit. They are amazing and they completely gave me life this week!

Enjoy these remnants of my last week:

You can find the model here and here at this amazing photographer can be found here and here (here = link).
You can find the model Dan Brown on FB here and IG here .This amazing photographer Marvin Bienaime can be found here and on IG here.

one. So this is a two fer.

First this guy!!!

Gorgeous right!!

He’s an old friend who I recently ran into at the gym. It’s always great to run into and reconnect with old friends and that is something that gave me complete life this week. Catching up with and talking to a few of my favorite people who I haven’t seen or spoke with in some time. It was great!

two. Second. This picture!!

So this amazingly gorgeous man dropped this super Patriotic shot on Memorial Day!!
This completely inspires me to salute the Troops more often.
But for real It encouraged me to stop and appreciate the sacrifices that were made on my behalf, so that I can enjoy the freedoms that I am afforded today.

gave me lifethree. Ok so this is my Tuesday selfie and I just loved how it came out. I was getting ready to head into work, and I was in a great mood and I had my bunny ears on.

I was definitely in a good head space and I was happy. That’s it!!

gave me life

gave me life

four. & five.THESE!! #LifeSperations

gave me life

six. This greatest of gym selfies I was completely feeling myself and I was jus proud that I had been working hard all week!

gave me life

seven. This shot is from after the gym. Bar Louie was having a customer appreciation situation and had $1 burgers and $2 booze. It low-key defeated the purpose of going to the gym but it was totally worth it. Met some cool people, ate some good food, and laughed a bunch. I call that a successful night!

four. & five.THESE!! #LifeSperations
four. & five.THESE!! #LifeSperations

eight. & nine. I saw these and just had an instant “YAAAAASSSSSSSS” moment.

gave me life

ten. Last but definitely not least this beautiful quote From the beautiful mind of the late John Nash. My Yoga instructor shared it on Facebook and it hit. It reminds me that I do need to slow down every once in a while and see the beauty in things. It’s important so I’m going to work on making more time for it.

That’s it guys. What inspired you this week? What gave you life? What kept you going? Let me know down below!!

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